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Information about this course

To see when this course will be offered, please visit the UAF Coursefinder  or contact:

Interior Alaska Campus
PO Box 756720
4280 Geist Road
Fairbanks, AK 99775

toll free – 888-474-5207
phone – 907-474-5439
fax – 907-474-5208 (5561)

Get Started in this Course

To get started, after you register for this course

  1. download the syllabus (below) and read through it carefully
  2. log into Blackboard and make sure you see this course
  3. log into this course website using your UA username and password (same as Blackboard)
  4. go to lesson 1 and follow the directions
  5. if you have questions or encounter difficulty, contact your instructor right away


The syllabus will be available for download only when the course is being offered.


For further study

After taking this course, either formally or informally, we recommend that you look into taking the Gwich’in series at the Alaska Native Language Center.