Songs & Stories


Traditionally, music plays an important cultural role for speakers of Gwich’in. Typically, most formal meetings are opened with a song. Here are a few examples of songs that we sing.

There is a rich tradition of Athabascan Gwichin fiddle playing as well and many resources can be found online.


Storytelling is also an important part of our  culture.  The following links are just a sample of this rich Gwich’in tradition.

Paul Williams Jr. is working on a book to preserve some of the stories in Gwich’in. Read more about this project here: Traditional storytelling meets modern technology to preserve Alaska Native tales (Fairbanks Daily News Miner article)

Neerihiinjìk  – a bilingual collection of folktales, songs, and tribal history  by Johnny Frank, Sarah Frank, and Craig Mishler

Video – Listen to a story in Gwich’in